Requirements to be a company Enisa

The doubts raised by Enisa project proposals are as great as the advantages that this type of financing can have on the company, and only on one company (with corporate form) since the self-employed will never be eligible for this financing.

1. It is important to analyze the company and see if it proposes an innovative business model, if not forget about wasting time making a great proposal with an excellent business plan. Enisa only gives financing to innovative companies. But do not confuse the term, Enisa does not want to finance a project that seeks to send a man to Pluto, innovation is a term that can occur on several levels.

A. Innovation in product

 The product/service sold by the company is innovative, as it provides new solutions to existing ones, or it supposes a technological breakdown to what is offered in the market. Example company, Apple with the launch of the iPhone or Ipad.

B. Innovation in process

Implementation or improvement of the manufacturing, logistics or distribution processes. When Zara is cited as an example of an innovative company, it is because it can mimic fashion trends in less than 72 hours in each of its stores, which corresponds to an incredibly flexible structure for a company of its size.

B. Innovation in organization

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Implementation of new organizational methods in business (knowledge, training, evaluation and development of HR, value chain, quality, finances, etc.), in the organization of work and/or in external relations. Red Bull example company. It is amazing the advertising structure behind a company that only sells a very specific type of soft drink. Thanks to innovation in their organization, Red Bull is associated more with its sponsorships than with the product it offers.

2. The type of financing that we grants are a Ruidomain cash advance. Do not think for a moment that Enisa intervenes in your shareholders or anything like that, the word participatory refers to the interest rate is linked to the benefits. The greater the benefit, the greater the interest and vice versa. What is associated with this type of financial instrument is:

to. Guarantees are not required, or at least what everyone assumes is a guarantee (guarantees, pledges, etc.). The guarantee for Enisa is the management team of the project, therefore more important than the product/service offered is the people who make up the company. It is logical because if there is no other guarantee Enisa relies more on the best prepared.
b. The approval figures are 35%. Do not settle for having a good project, it must be excellent. Excellence at the end is measured by the ability of the company to generate profit and the economic status of the company. Do not forget that a financial analysis of the company is carried out, and if a
is wrong, Enisa will not finance.
c. The co-financing by the entrepreneur is a necessary condition. If Enisa is going to take risks, the entrepreneur must increase the company’s own funds. In this way, Enisa sees that there is a bet on the part of the partners of the company.

Of course, it is not easy for Enisa to grant you financing, but if at least you meet 100% of the points marked, your chances of obtaining these public aids will increase. The Enisa seal implies a prestige gained by the approval of the business after an exhaustive evaluation.